Consultation Papers

We're Listening!

The marina project was first announced in January 2019.  Having worked through a 15-month tender process undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure, followed by the Covid lockdowns, RML are now excited to be in a position to move forward with the project.

The three elections held in Ramsey – two local and one general – over the past 4 months have given the directors of RML really useful feedback on peoples’ views and concerns on various aspects of the marina.  To provide some assurance that RML are listening to the community, the developers will produce a series of “Consultation Papers” on various aspects of the project to help explain and suggest what the project might incorporate and why. 

There are many macro aspects of the project that are driving the project:

  • Increasing marine leisure tourism
  • Multi-million-pound investment
  • Proven drivers to the Island economy
  • Increased tax receipts for Government.

But initially, RML wish to concentrate on and address the micro-aspects, such as:

  • The choice of location for the marina – inside or outside the harbour
  • Marine ecology
  • Outdoor facilities to be provided
  • Indoor facilities to be provided
  • Benefit to the wider local community

Over the next few months, these Consultation Papers will be published on our website and comments will be invited – pro and anti, but, please, always polite and not personal.  RML are keen to get the views of all concerned, and RML will respond to any valid and reasonable points of view. To submit your comment, please email               

Consultation Papers